Rental Single

Rental business customers were asking for a completely bare kayak except for carrying handles and a drain plug.  We listened to them and stripped down the Splash models of all moving parts to meet this demand.  What we made is a kayak with less moving parts meaning fewer things to fail or be lost over time.

We also do custom rigging for companies upon request, adding or removing components to the Splash models.


• Full-length keel for superior tracking and stability
• Constructed of “Crescent Tuff” polyethylene
• U.S.-molded in Carrollton, Georgia
• Highest standard of UV protection
• Self-bailing cockpit with two scupper holes
• Molded-in foot pegs
• Carry handles
• Pad eyes for seat clip-in
• Molded in cup holder
• Molded carrying handle in the middle


Length – 10′ 2″
Width – 32″
Height – 13″
Weight – 47 lbs
Weight Capacity – 250 lbs


I look for three things when making a large purchase: quality, service, and price. Zack and Crescent Kayaks are one of the few vendors who were able to meet and exceed in all areas. The kayaks and accessories are all top-notch, the support before and after the sale exemplary, and price half of what comparable units sell for.

Michael J.

The Kayak Shack is a kayak rental business on the Weeki Wachee River in Weeki Wachee, Florida- we have been in business for 6 years.

As a rental outfitter we have tried many different brands of kayaks. We tried Crescent Kayaks in our first year of business. At the end of each season we go through our fleet and turn over the kayaks that had some damage. Out of our first order of 6 single crescent kayaks all 6 are still in service.

These kayaks have gone out just about everyday for almost 6 years and they are still in the fleet. These kayaks amaze me at the durability that they have shown throughout the years. They are great rental kayaks, we get guests that will call and request the same boat year after year.  As we have grown through the years we have added many crescents to our fleet and have never had a problem with any of them. If you are looking for a kayak that does everything from fishing to a lazy paddle down the river crescent kayaks are the way to go!!

Thanks James and all the folks at Crescent, you and your kayaks are the best!!

Jon and Amber C.The Kayak Shack