made-in_USA_logoAlong with having unique and versatile designs, Crescent Kayaks sets itself apart from the competitors with our unique partnership with Superior Recreation Products (SRP). A majority of kayak brands outsource their manufacturing to other companies or even send their work to China. Crescent Kayaks is committed to offering the highest quality products made in the U.S. while creating local jobs.

We excel through our:

    Designs – Partnerships – Manufacturing – Quality Control – Employees and Networks


Every well-run operation needs a solid backbone and Crescent Kayak’s and SRP facilities and capabilities provide our support. Crescent makes the best valued, innovative products on the market while saving our customers money.roto-molding

  • In house Rotational molding with over 175 years of combined experience
  • “Crescent Tuff Plastic Blends”: We blend our own high density poly-ethylene mixture in house with highest quality U.V. protectants
  • Custom Plastic colors
  • Experienced leadership in Rotational Molding since 1978
  • Draw and design our product
  • Outstanding relations with mold builders
  • Product branding
  • Full sew shop
  • Powder coating
  • SRP Play structures, shade, and site furniture for parks and resorts

polyethylene plastic





A Kayak is only a vessel.  But a vessel can lead you to some of life’s greatest experiences and the world’s most intimate places.  This is why Crescent Kayaks is proud to build versatile and durable boats that can take you places you’ve never been.

Originally, Crescent Kayaks had Olympic kayaker and renowned boat designer, Bob McDonough, create the first kayak molds for the company. With 20+ years of paddling experience and vast knowledge of boat design, Bob has come up with some of the best kayak designs in the market.  These hull designs are the platform and standard from which all Crescent Kayaks been built on.


Bob McDonough

 A little about Bob McDonough:

A leader of design in the industry who is currently VP of designs for Wilderness Systems

Director of design at Perception Kayaks from 1991-1997

Renowned designer of over 60 kayaks prior to his work with Crescent Kayaks

Experienced kayak with over 20 years of paddling experience- many on a professional level 

Highlighted features of the designs include:

  • Full-length keels for Excellent Tracking and performance
  • Stable platforms
  • “Crescent Tuff Plastic” blended in house with high density polyethylene and highest standard UV protectants
  • Limited moving parts for overall durability
  • Excellent performance for all skill levels
  • Storage wells with practical applications
  • Designed for all water types up to class 3 rapids
  • Multiple purpose seating configurations (Splash II can be double, single, triple and Stand-up board)


Quality Control

Everyday Crescent has the advantage of having every product made in Carrollton, Georgia facility and inspected on-site.

• “Crescent Tuff Plastic Blends” mixed in house

• Crescent Kayaks does not get stuck with taking what is sent from another manufacturer

• Made by local workers

• All packaging and shipping done by Crescent Kayaks with excellent shipping rates






Crescent Kayaks is proud to add jobs to the U.S. economy and to be a U.S.A manufacturer. This would not be possible without our
excellent employees and networks.