Our Story

Twenty-five years ago my father, Ray Derbecker, left his home country of Canada and moved his young family to Atlanta, Georgia in order to start Superior International Industries. Over the next twenty years, SII grew into one of the largest playground companies in the world and began branching out into other recreational markets.

Growing up I spent my summers in Canada on Georgian Bay, and over time I became attached to being on the water—the therapeutic feeling it gave me, and the freedom I felt on it. Exploring the rocky waters created in me a spirit of adventure seeking, tranquility, freedom, and precision. I grew up filled with these passions, and dreamed of one day turning them into a business.

Having such a personal connection with SII, the idea to create a roto-molded product with my dad and the company came naturally, and the journey began to create a line of quality and affordable kayaks. A kayak can only be as good as the designer, so we invited world champion paddler and renowned kayak designer Bob McDonough to create a series of sit-on-top kayaks. Bob spent the first few months doing nothing but tossing a Frisbee to his dog in front of the shop, and were all left wondering if the project would ever culminate. But when Bob finally came to us with his finished design, we were blown away. What he had created were the most efficient kayaks and hulls designs on the market. He coined them the “Splash Series” and we’ve been getting people on the water ever since.

Crescent Kayaks gives me the opportunity to share my passions with people and work for something I have believed in since my days on Georgian Bay. Helping people to have a vessel to experience a better life photo-(61)-2through nature and life on the water brings me joy and exemplifies why this business was created. It is my hope that our products will benefits people’s lives and inspire the next generation.

James Derbecker