Our Position in the Outdoor Industry

Crescent Kayaks connects people to water and the outdoors. Being a privately-held company allows us to focus on issues that are near to our heart and soul, not the almighty dollar.  With this in mind, Crescent Kayaks fills a much needed niche in the kayak marketplace. Historically, paddlers have had to compromise between price or quality in order to purchase a kayak.  Crescent brings a high-quality product at a reasonable price to consumers in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Designs by a leader in the industry
  • Manufacturing in house keeps cost down
  • Crescent blends plastics in-house –  Crescent “Tuff” Plastics
  • Family owned, not a corporate proprietor
  • Crescent Kayaks’ interest is connecting people with nature in the best product possible not making investors as much money as possible.